Special Activities

Dinosaur Digs 

The Ghost Ranch lies in the heart of the lower Chama Valley and was once part of a vast inland sea. Coelophysis, a crocodile-like dinosaur, swarmed in the warm salty waters.  A vast deposit of Coelophysis skeletons has been discovered here.

Spencer Lucas, curator of paleontology at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History has called the Ghost Ranch quarry  “probably the single most important bone bed of the Triassic. It's a remarkable windfall for paleontologists, one of the best-known fossil assemblages in the world."

The highlight of your visit to the Ghost Ranch may be the chance to help paleontologists clean and restore the bones of one of the oldest and first dinosaurs on earth…learn more

The Incredible Heavens

The night sky above the Chama Valley is nothing short of spectacular.  Situated at about 7,800 feet above sea level, there is simply less atmosphere to block the light from a billion, billion stars.  Add to that the fact that the air is nearly free of pollutants and obscuring city lights and you are in for a light show that only the creator could have imagined!  Free and open to the public over 300 cloudless nights of the year...learn more


Glorious Autumn Displays

Another astounding display takes place very autumn as the Aspens, Cottonwoods and other deciduous trees put on there best Fall Finery.  Starting in late September and peaking in mid-October, a ride on the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad or a simple drive up highway 17 will provide a delight for the senses that you will treasure for years,

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