Travel Tips

Human-caused fires pose great risk to the community.
Use extra caution with fire. A green tree will burn.

Drown your campfire before you leave, never leave a campfire unattended.
Only smoke in an area without vegetation or within your vehicle.
Fireworks are prohibited on all national forest lands.

Approved spark arresters are mandatory on all internal combustion engines.


Fire Restrictions
Stage I (1st Level)

  • No smoking outside of vehicles, or buildings

  • No open campfires outside of developed sites

  • No fireworks

Stage II (2nd Level ) Stage I Restrictions PLUS

  • Prohibitions for explosives, chainsaw or other internal combustion engines, welding

  • Prohibition for using a motor vehicle off forest development roads

  • Further restrictive use of campfires

Stage III (3rd Level)--Stage II Restrictions PLUS

  • The closure of specific areas of the Forest (as detailed in the Closure Order)

Stage IV (4th Level)—Stage III Restrictions PLUS

  • Full forest closures (as detailed in the Closure Order)

Citations will be issued—No exceptions—No warnings.



There is no curbside pickup. When staying in a cabin or vacation home, please remember to take responsibility of disposing of trash properly. Unsecured trash and trash left outside are subject to the wild animals. DO NOT put hot ash in the dumpsters as this is a fire threat.


Please remember deer, elk, coyotes, eagles, bears and other wildlife are WILD animals and can be temperamental and highly protective of young. Do not approach wildlife and be safe when viewing and taking pictures. Wildlife may scavenge for food and can overturn dumpsters when food and water are low. Do not feed the bears. 


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