The Arts

The Rio Chama Valley has long been a Mecca for artists. Painters and photographers find the clear blue skies, the quality of the light and fantastic, almost surreal landscapes irresistible subjects for their craft.  Artisans, drawn by the rich Native traditions and abundant natural materials, have developed unique styles that are fuse modern and traditional influences.


Visual Arts

Georgia O’Keefe is by far the best known of the many fine painters who have lived and worked in the Valley.  Known throughout the world for her bold landscapes and vivid still life paintings of flowers and objects native to the Rio Chama Valley, O’Keefe lived and worked through much of her career near Abiquiu on the lower Rio Chama.  No visit to the Rio Chama Valley would be complete without a visit to her beloved Ghost Ranch countrylearn more

Today, our living artists are no less impressive.  Studios throughout the Valley offer visitors a chance to meet local artists and to see their work up close and personal.  One concentration of studios can be found in and around Abiquiu. 


The popular Abiquiu Studio Tour in October is one way to enjoy your days exploring our living artistic treasures...learn more

But by no means should you stop your tour there!  Further up the Valley, just past Tierra Amarilla, you will find the charming community of Los Ojos


Here you will find the Olta Vuelta Tire Recycling, a unique solution for cleaning the environment of used tires. There are also many artists in the valley including Mary E. Cardin, Paula Devereaux, Johanna Terrazos and Beverly Timm and her glassworks.

There is a Chama Valley Studio Tour held on Labor Day...learn more

Fiber Arts

Los Ojos is also home to the world-renowned Tierra Wools.  Here, you can observe – or participate – in a centuries-old tradition of working with the wool of the Churro Sheep, a now rare breed of sheep prized by the early Hispano settlers to the Rio Chama Valley…learn more

A new addition to the Rio Chama Valley art scene began in 2006 with the first annual Chama Quilt Festival.  During the festival, the work of area quilters is on display throughout the historic Village of Chama…learn more


Many of our local shops and lodgers display personal collections of art and artifacts from the Rio Chama Valley. 


To immerse yourself in the art and history of the Rio Chama Valley, the Ghost Ranch now offers three museums open to the public. The Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology, the Florence Hawley Ellis Museum of Anthropology and the Piedra Lumbre Education & Visitor Center provide an in-depth view of the Rio Chama Valley from prehistory to today…learn more


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