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Chama is calling!

Nestled in the southern Rockies at 7,860 feet elevation, Chama is what one might consider a "best kept secret." ​Towering mountain peaks, scenic vistas and deep, colorful gorges grace every direction, Chama is a diverse valley region famous for its art treasures and natural beauty stretching south from the Colorado border to the Tierra Amarilla Valley and down to Abiquiu. Many cultures call this water-blessed land home and the region offers visitors a chance to sample genuine local New Mexican cuisines, unique cultural events and colorful artisan wares.


​​Crowds are smaller here, and the attractions are grand!
For the history buff, art lover, nature enthusiast and cultural explorer,
the Rio Chama Valley offers boundless opportunities.


Starting August 20th thru September 15th, Masks will be required inside the Northern New Mexico Welcome Center.

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Traditions and Native American culture.

chama elvado lake1

Lakes, Rivers, and Waterways...Fishing and Kayaking and more.

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Artisans and artists.

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Herds of elk and deer and wild game hunting.

Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch.

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Bald eagles and wildlife.

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Historic Trains.


Weavers at Tierra Wools in Chama.

Incredible Heavens

Incredible Night Skies.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding.

Churro Sheep.

Historic Churro sheep in Los Ojos.

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Natural beauty and outdoor sports and recreation.

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Exploring  Eating  Hunting  Fishing  Train Riding  Bicycling

Hiking   Canoeing   Kayaking  Horseback Riding  Skiing   Boating

Rock climbing   Bird Watching   Ranching   Learning  Plants

and more...

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